Bioactive Materials Offer a Better Alternative for Dental Fillings


Traditional composites (white dental fillings) only last 5.7 years on average. The arrows show where traditional white composite fillings are breaking down, ultimately causing more tooth decay and requiring a new filling. Image courtesy of Dr. David Clark.

Research shows that the average white dental filling only lasts 5.7 years.

Dental fillings developed and manufactured by PULPDENT Corporation, the leader in bioactive dental materials, have the potential to last longer and promote overall oral health. These materials are gaining popularity among dentists and it's likely that, if patients could choose, they would pick a bioactive treatment. Here's why:

  1. Rebuilds teeth: Bioactive materials support the natural remineralization process by providing essential minerals such as calcium and phosphate, the basic building blocks of teeth, and fluoride. Remineralization strengthens teeth and helps protect them from acid attack.
  2. Protects against cavities: Some dental materials wear away over time, leaving spaces where cavities can form. Bioactive materials create a seal between the tooth and the material to keep out decay.
  3. Looks natural: Aesthetic bioactive materials are the same color as real teeth and come in a variety of shades.
  4. Affordable: Bioactive materials don't cost any more than conventional white filling materials.