Call For Preceptor Applications For The AACD Residency Program


The AACD Residency program, which launched in August 2018, will continue in 2020 and is now looking for preceptors. The AACD Residency Program preceptors are asked to work one-on-one with a dental resident and provide experience relating to all facets of an esthetic restorative dental practice including diagnostic tools, restorative considerations, and effective practice management.

Preceptors will have the opportunity to teach residents the clinical and business experience needed to jump start a career in a cosmetic-oriented, restorative dental practice by completing a series of requirements including studying dental literature and implementing simple to complex restorative cases. "The AACD Residency program is a unique opportunity to give back and share your personal and invaluable experience as a private practitioner. You will learn as you teach and be making a commitment to our generation of young dentists," explains Residency Task Force chair Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD.

These dental professionals will have the unique opportunity to teach and learn one-on-one with some of the most promising dentists in the country. Residents will observe, document, and execute a variety of cosmetic restorative solutions at the direction of their preceptor. In addition to gaining knowledge and experience relating to all facets of an esthetic restorative dental practice, these residents will gain the skills and confidence they need to enjoy the professional and financial successes that comes with a responsible, esthetic dental practice.

The AACD is accepting and calling for 2020 Preceptor applications through 20th October 2019. For more information about the AACD Residency program, visit or email AACD Executive Office at