Centrix Announces The Release Of E-Lieve


E-Lieve is a topical Vitamin E treatment that provides instant relief to soft tissue irritation and can be used to treat damaged gingival tissue during and after dental procedures. Because E-Lieve is also a moisturiser, it absorbs into the tissue, reducing inflammation. E-Lieve also acts as an antioxidant by protecting cell membranes from oxidation, which can damage healthy gum tissue.

E-Lieve’s convenient unit-dose tube packaging allows for easy application and take-home use. No need to cut open Vitamin E gel tablets for a messy and awkward application. Each E-Lieve tube contains one single dose (0.5 mL) of Vitamin E. E-Lieve also eliminates cross contamination and waste, provides easy cleanup and easy inventory control!


  • E-Lieve is ideal when applied to lips before placement of rubber dams to lubricate, moisturize and prevent irritation and damage to soft tissue that commonly occurs when using rubber dams, especially during longer procedures.
  • E-Lieve soothes chapped lips before, during, and after hygiene and dental procedures.
  • E-Lieve has an anti-inflammatory effect when applied on damaged or inflamed tissue.
  • E-Lieve helps denture wearers adapt to new dentures and relieves tissue discomfort from older dentures.
  • E-Lieve is perfect during whitening procedures to protect lips and gums from carbamide and hydrogen peroxide.
  • E-Lieve lubricates soft tissue where reduced salivary flow causes drying and irritation.
  • E-Lieve can be used to relieve irritation and discomfort during many other common procedures including deep scaling and around ortho brackets.
  • E-Lieve is a perfect addition to patient “take-home packages” after in-office treatments.

Each E-Lieve tube contains one single dose (0.5 mL) of Vitamin E.