Clinician's Choice Dental Products Inc Introduces New Polishing System


Designed specifically to refine and polish, even making minor adjustments on all indirect ceramic restorations including zirconia, lithium disilicate and porcelain, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® Dental Products Inc. announces the addition of ASAP INDIRECT+ to its line of innovative, clinically proven products.

Ceramics, though a valuable evolution in restorative dentistry, are significantly harder than composite and can make it difficult to restore a lab-like polish after any additional refinements or adjustments are made in the dental office. ASAP INDIRECT+ are manufactured with a stronger, more wear-resistant silicone binder that allow the diamond particles to adhere to the polishing surface better, while improving the surface contact during polishing. 

Fast and simple, the versatile ASAP INDIRECT+ system is ideal for all tooth surfaces: occlusal, lingual, interproximal or facial and will allow for faster polishing and better results on virtually all indirect restorative surfaces. 

The system itself includes three multi-shaped, diamond impregnated “adjusters” (disc, point, cylinder) that allow for minor adjustments or to remove scratches caused by diamond bur adjustments; as well as two ASAP INDIRECT+ diamond impregnated spiral wheel polishers (pre-polisher and final polisher) that deliver a fast, super high gloss polish – A.S.A.P.!

 ASAP INDIRECT+ is distributed exclusively through Henry Schein Dental.