Editor’s pickFaster and better milling and printing of dentures


To help dentists and dental technicians fabricate dentures quickly yet to the highest requirements, VOCO is offering CediTEC and V-Print dentbase as a system which unites denture bases, prosthetic teeth and luting materials. This means the entire prosthesis can be produced quickly and simply in just a few steps.

While CediTEC DT provides the material for the prosthetic teeth as well as the luting material, the denture base is being launched on the market as dentbase, part of the V-Print range. The combination of milling and 3D printing technology not only simplifies the process but also offers the technician the option of reproducing the prosthesis at any time, more quickly than with the classic method.

CAD/CAM composite for prosthetic teeth

From individual prosthetic teeth and tooth sections to complete dental arches for removable dentures, CediTEC DT allows the quick and precise production of customised prosthetic teeth using the CAD/CAM milling technique. The four shades A1, A2, A3 and BL, the additional option of customising the shade and the translucent colouring ensure appealing aesthetics. The innovative material can be polished effortlessly, delivering a natural sheen.

Light-curing resin for denture bases

The 3D printing material V-Print dentbase allows the production of precise denture bases for removable dentures. Unlike conventional production, additive production does not involve shrinkage, resulting in an accurate fit, with fewer pressure spots, necessitating fewer check-ups.

To further ensure accuracy, V-Print Try-In, a 3D printing material for the functional trial fitting of full and partial dentures, is available. This makes it possible to assess the fit, occlusion, functionality, phonation and aesthetics before the production of a permanent denture, and allows alterations to be made using wax or veneering material as required.

V-Print Try-In can be printed in thick layers and thus ensures a swift and efficient process with accurate results. The production of transfer and grinding templates, correction impressions and occlusal impressions is also possible with V-Print Try-In.