HealthGround Philippines develops online platform for dental health care


During this COVID-19 pandemic, in an attempt to bring dentists closer to patients, HealthGround Philippines, Inc. (tradename DentistangPinoy) has initiated the development of an online platform for dental healthcare,, where dentists from all over the Philippines can subscribe and use it as a booking appointment tool. The primary aim of this launch is to promote dental awareness in the country.

The free trial run of the platform has started and local dentists may now submit their names or the clinic name as well as its address, operating hours, and contact details. As the platform development is still ongoing, certain features may not be available during the free trial.

The site contains useful general dental information for patients. They may search for dentists and request a dental appointment. A notification will be sent directly to the registered dentist's profile. Once an appointment is confirmed by the dentist of their choice, the patient will receive an email confirmation.

Soon will launch an e-dental marketplace and a portal for dental e-learning modules.

This article was originally published on the PR website and has been edited for format and length.