KaVo Kerr Announces The Launch Of Take 1™ Retraction


KaVo Kerr is excited to introduce Take 1™ Retraction Paste, a new minimally invasive paste that promotes moisture control and haemostasis while temporarily retracting gingival tissues. A dual-action paste with 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay, Take 1™ Retraction prepares tissue for both traditional and digital impressions, veneer or crown cementation, and composite restorations in class II, class III, and class V fillings. The unit dose capsules are packaged with retraction caps and tips, and compatible with standard composite dispensers, therefore eliminating the need to purchase extra accessories.

To meet the needs of clinicians and patients, Take 1™ Retraction Paste is available in two paste viscosities. The thinner consistency of the Take 1™ Low Viscosity paste provides haemostasis & retraction and can also replace the second cord in a double-cord technique. Take 1™ High Viscosity option is a thicker consistency to ensure the paste fills the sulcus for optimal retraction while providing haemostasis. Both viscosity pastes are gentle on tissue for better patient experience, and simple to clean off—requiring a quick rinse and air dry.

In short, the new Take 1™ Retraction Paste controls moisture and haemostasis, manages tissue, and offers the simplicity dentists are looking for in what would otherwise be a time-consuming procedure.