KaVo Kerr Introduces The elements™ e-motion Endodontic Motor


KaVo Kerr is excited to introduce the elements™ e-motion endodontic motor with next generation Adaptive Motion technology. The new Adaptive Motion enables higher cutting efficiency, and greater protection against file separation, deformation and transportation.

elements™ e-motion also features an intuitive, full-colour, touch screen and a customisable interface that allows users to program up to five pre-sets with ten files each for streamlined efficiency. elements™ e-motion also provides the clinician with a database of 196 pre-loaded file settings, allowing maximum file sequence customisability.

Powered by KaVo’s 100% German-made technology, elements™ e-motion is built to be lighter, more compact and ergonomic when compared to other devices. It accommodates both right, and left-handed users, with four handpiece mounting options for ergonomic comfort. The smaller handpiece head also offers improved visibility and easier posterior access. With thoughtful features, Adaptive Motion technology, and a remarkably intuitive interface, the new elements™ e-motion motor is equipped to modernise and simplify the endodontic experience.