Komet USA & Bien-Air Dental Announce Partnership


In a special announcement at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting (21st-23rd February), Komet USA LLC formally publicise its partnership with Bien-Air. Together, the companies aim to advance the quest for a superior combination of precision, power, and performance in procedures from tooth preparation to finishing and polishing. The grouping of Komet USA’s renowned dental rotary instruments, delivered direct from their factory in Lemgo, Germany, and Bien-Air’s Swiss-made dental handpieces is far more than a simple pairing of instruments: the partnership represents a relationship between two family-owned companies with proud traditions of precision engineering, high-quality manufacturing, reliable performance, and expert customer service.

Komet USA’s sales and marketing teams offered demonstrations of Bien-Air’s air-driven and electric handpieces, and Bien-Air’s teams likewise demonstrated select Komet instruments as ideal adjuncts to their high-performance instrumentation. The partners showcased Bien–Air’s air-driven Tornado X, Prestige, Bora, and Black Pearl models, EVO and Classic Series electric handpieces, and Optima Motor System in conjunction with Komet® carbides, diamonds, and a range of finishing and polishing instruments.

When asked what was different about this partnership from others that have existed previously, Mr. Daniel Call, Director of Sales at Bien-Air, said: “There are thousands of handpiece & rotary instrument combinations available in the landscape of the US market. Each handpiece behaves differently; they have different speeds, torque, power dynamic, vibration, etc. How can a single bur, like a ‘Zirconia’ bur, produce the same effiency in two vastly different types of handpieces? Rotary instrument and handpiece companies who have partnered before have left this terrain unexplored. We intend to provide a comprehensive solution for every material during our partnership with Komet USA (E.g. Use “this” handpiece, at “this” speed, with “this” bur, for “this” material, etc., to achieve the maximum result”).

With sights set on a long and successful partnership, the two companies are a natural fit thanks to their shared values, humble origins, traditions, and longevity in the dental marketplace.

According to Komet USA’s CEO, Mr. Todd Blanton, “Komet USA’s mission has always been to put the best technology in the hands of our doctors so they can provide exceptional care to their patients. This commitment is something we share with Bien-Air, and we are happy to partner with them. Like great dental products, mutually beneficial partnerships lead to higher expectations in innovation and performance.”