NADL Endorses tfg Loyalty Rewards Program As A New Affinity Program


NADL has announced that it has endorsed tfg Loyalty Reward Programs as a New Affinity Program. tfg Loyalty (formally known as TravelFlo Group) is offering NADL members special benefits when they agree to offer a loyalty rewards program.

NADL active members can achieve the following benefits:

  • Free three month trial
  • 5% discount on all base fees
  • Key sales and marketing tool

tfg Loyalty has 20 years of consistent experience in working with dental laboratories to grow their business by rewarding on loyalty.

As part of the program tfg Loyalty offers, dental laboratories will be able to develop private labeled campaigns to grow their brand with both existing and new customers. The rewards portal that comes with the program is easy to administer, and offers real-time reporting capabilities and ROI metrics.

“tfg Loyalty has allowed Drake Precision Dental Laboratory to thank our customers and create a valuable connection, lasting well beyond the sale. The platform has evolved each year to bring more value and ease of use to both Drake and our clients. Without question, tfg Loyalty has been instrumental in assisting Drake in attaining its goals year after year," says Mr. Bob Savage, 2018 NADL President.

To achieve the NADL program benefits, tfg Loyalty will verify active member status with NADL.