Near infrared imaging (NIRI) technology in dentistry


Although largely preventable, dental caries is one of the two biggest threats to oral health and is amongst the most common chronic diseases in the United States. Dental caries is the most common chronic disease in children; it is about five times as common as asthma and seven times as common as hay fever. Today, caries is considered a dynamic process, which, if diagnosed in time, could be reversed.  Current conventional diagnostic methods rely mainly on visual, tactile methods paired with radiographs. Each of these methods have significant drawbacks. Near Infrared Imaging serves as a valuable diagnostic aid in the early detection of interproximal caries. Several clinical studies have showed NIRI sensitivity to be as potent as radiographic examinations and are well suited for the detection and imaging of interproximal caries. A 3D intraoral scanner with NIRI technology is iTero Element 5D Imaging System. Learn more at