NovoMatrix™ – The Next Generation Soft-Tissue Augmentation Material


When choosing a biomaterial, there is a strong demand in clinical practice for predictable outcomes. For over 20 years, LifeCell™, an Allergan affiliate and leading global medical technology company, has developed innovative products for use in a wide range of applications.

BioHorizons Camlog expands its soft-tissue portfolio in partnership with LifeCell™ to bring NovoMatrix™, the next generation of soft-tissue augmentation material, into the European market. Full market release of this product will take place at the Oral Reconstruction Foundation Symposium in New York City in April 2020.

What is NovoMatrix™?
NovoMatrix™ is an acellular extracellular dermal matrix consisting of tissue-engineered porcine material. NovoMatrix™ is a breakthrough in xenogenic processing ensuring a structurally intact, undamaged scaffold that supports cell and microvascular ingrowth. The proprietary tissue processing allows for rapid revascularisation, cell repopulation and minimal inflammation. NovoMatrix™ comes pre-hydrated and ready to use and offers a true alternative to autogenous soft-tissue grafts and current products on the market.

Indications and clinical evidence
The NovoMatrix™ indications include guided tissue regeneration procedures in recession defects for root coverage, localised gingival augmentation to increase keratinised tissue (KT) around teeth and alveolar ridge reconstruction for prosthetic treatment. Dr. Edward Pat Allen, one of the pioneer users of NovoMatrix™, says: “NovoMatrix™ graft exhibits uniform physical characteristics and great surgical handling, enhancing its ease of use in the tunnelling technique. This results in an excellent clinical outcome with minimal post-operative swelling and inflammation.”

“NovoMatrix™ represents a significant addition to our soft-tissue product portfolio,” said Mr. Steve Boggan, President and CEO of BioHorizons. “We now offer our customers a differentiated alternative to connective tissue for applications such as root coverage and soft-tissue augmentation around implants and natural teeth.”

Osteology Highlights
At this year’s Osteology Symposium, BioHorizons and Camlog will display their complete product line-up and will also be sponsoring a hands-on workshop on Thursday, 25th May on “Novel regenerative concepts using dermal matrices- from integration to regeneration” with Dr. Edward P. Allen. In the afternoon of the same day, Dr. Gerhard Iglhaut will discuss “Innovative treatment concepts on how to improve efficiency and regeneration” during the corporate forum. Furthermore, at booth #5 during coffee and lunch breaks, BioHorizons and Camlog’s team of experts invite clinicians to participate in interactive demonstrations featuring the PROGRESSIVE line implants, which was recently launched, as well as NovoMatrix™, led by Dr. Edward P. Allen.