Oclean Launches Connected Toothbrush That Encourages Better Brushing Habits


Oclean, an oral care technology company, launched its line of smart sonic toothbrushes to deliver the most personalised brushing experience available. Featuring intelligent sensors that analyse brushing quality and frequency, Oclean delivers custom brushing plans, and free replacement brush heads to make tooth and gum care more personal, fun and effective.

Oclean One, the company’s flagship product, is designed with a built-in gyroscope and advanced smart sensors to collect data on brush motion, angle, and pressure. Users receive a daily cleanliness score, detailed brushing reports, and monthly statistics via the corresponding Oclean Pro mobile app. With good brushing habits, users earn free replacement brush heads every three months for the life of the smart toothbrush. The intelligent algorithm also analyses brushing data to suggest corrections and reduces brush speed and frequency when too much pressure is detected to protect enamel and gums from damage caused by over-brushing.

“Young adults are among the highest of any age group to have untreated tooth decay which has serious health, social, and financial implications -- 38% of Millennials find life in general ‘less satisfying’ due to teeth and mouth problems according to a recent ADA study,” said Mr. Suring Liu, CEO of Oclean. “We want to change the way people think about managing their most important asset - their smile. It has incredible power to connect us to friends, colleagues, and companions, and we help people unlock their full potential with smart, easy, personalized oral care.”

Oclean One Product Specifications

  • Corresponding Oclean Pro mobile app allows users to create thousands of customised plans by choosing from three cleaning modes, four intensities, and the brushing duration
  • Three-and-a-half hour rapid charging with ultra-long battery lasting up to 60 days on a single charge
  • Advanced sonic motor with 42,000 brush strokes per minute to deliver 20% more power than other brands
  • Designed with a premium five-layer waterproof finishing process that is anti-bacterial and anti-fouling
  • Complimentary replacement brush heads delivered every three months for the life of the toothbrush

“Many of my patients already track personal health data like sleep and exercise so adding the missing piece of oral health data is a natural extension in their health routine,” said Larissa Figari-Goller, DDS, Huntington Bay Dental. “With tracking details such as brushing time, cleanliness score, brushing gesture and intensity, we remove the guesswork and provide instant gratification in a fun and engaging way. The positive implications for creating a more interactive brushing experience are far reaching -- healthier teeth and gums, a better smile, and money saved.”

Pricing & Availability

Oclean’s next-generation smart toothbrushes are now available to purchase on Amazon.

  • Oclean One, the flagship, next-generation smart toothbrush, is available in three designer colours: black, white and pink, $89.99.
  • Oclean Air, a powerful and compact smart toothbrush, is available in white, $59.99.

The accompanying Oclean Pro app is available for Apple iOS and Android (free).