Paying For Emergency Dental Care In Cryptocurrency? Yes, It's Happening!


While many are discussing the great future potential of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, primarily in the Financial sector, one startup from the Netherlands proves that the adoption of Blockchain-based applications and an industry-specific cryptocurrency is already possible now, not in future. 

About Dentacoin
Dentacoin Foundation develops the first Blockchain solution, specifically designed to serve the needs of the global dental industry. The inherent high level of fragmentation and low degree of industrialisation make dentistry an ideal use case for an integral Blockchain-based platform solution – such as Dentacoin – to be applied. Numerous software solutions* and a custom cryptocurrency (Dentacoin, DCN) serve the mission of Dentacoin: to improve global dental care and make it affordable through establishing dynamic, mutually beneficial trust relations between all market participants. Apart from more than 4000 dentists and 35,000 individuals that are registered on the Dentacoin tools, dental practices in 13 countries have additionally started accepting payments in DCN in exchange for dental services! 

The Real-World Adoption
Following the last week’s extension of the Dentacoin partner network (with the Silicon Valley's #1 dentist - Dr. Swapna Raveendranath & her US-based practice Shine Dental), Dentacoin Foundation is happy to announce that yet another London-based clinic – 24 Hour Emergency Dentist - is now part of the Dentacoin network! 

As a leading practice in London we have to keep up with the new technologies and offer comprehensive dental care and modern services. That’s why we have decided to enter the world of digital currency and offer dental treatments in exchange for cryptocurrency like Dentacoin. From this moment on 24 Hour Emergency Dentist London will provide emergency dental care, cosmetic procedures and regular check-ups and cleans payable in Dentacoin”, explains the team of 24 Hour Emergency Dentist, London. 

24 Hour Emergency Dentist London is a dental practice offering same day dental appointments in central London. Their team of dental specialists is UK qualified, GDC registered and provides urgent dental care as well as pain relief treatment. The practice is situated on a walking distance from the famous Tower Bridge. 

Along with F3T Dental Clinic, 24 Hour Emergency Dentist, becomes the second London-based clinic and the third in the UK to accept Dentacoin (DCN) as a means of payment for dental services. 24 Hour Emergency Dentist is the twenty third dental practice of the global Dentacoin network, together with practices located in the USA, Australia, the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Fiji, India. Check all Dentacoin partners here.