The New Multimat Cube From Dentsply Sirona: Powerful, User-friendly, Reliable


Working with the Multimat ceramic furnaces has been a staple for dental lab technicians worldwide for many years due to their ease of use and reliable performance. Dentsply Sirona is excited to introduce the, Multimat Cube and Multimat Cube press. Both the Multimat Cube and Multimat Cube presscombine the classical virtues of previous models with modern comfort of the digital world.

The new variation of the furnace, Multimat Cube press, is also suitable for processing pressable ceramics – for example, for the popular high-strength glass ceramic Celtra Press

First of all, the Multimat Cube and Multimat Cube press deliver exactly what every experienced dental technician expects of them. It is a universal furnace for all commercially available dental ceramics, including lithium silicate and lithium disilicate. A multi-stage heating program and a two-stage cooling program, together with the automatic resumption of the program after a brief power cut, ensure a high level of process reliability and guarantee cutting-edge firing results.

Specifically, the intelligent pre-heating program and the reliability of the restoration impresses users. A mobile furnace chamber independently balances out any vibrations. The Multimat Cube represents quality "Made in Germany", and it is also approved according to international standards (ETL). This abbreviation stands for Edison Testing Laboratories, a renowned safety seal of approval that originates from the famous inventor, Thomas Edison.

Besides the high level of performance and reliability, the operation is also intuitive. It is operated via a large, clear touch display. It has a high-quality, three-millimeter thick tempered glass cover and guarantees clear access to the programs. The system gives the dental lab technician constant feedback on the current status of the firing process via an LED indicator. Two USB ports enable you to back up the data on a USB stick. The programs for ceramic systems by Dentsply Sirona are pre-installed.

Performance, reliability and operating comfort are also integral features of the Multimat Cube press. Besides the range of applications offered by the Multimat Cube, it also offers the possibility of processing pressable ceramics. For example, this system allows the user to press the popular high-strength glass ceramic Celtra Press using pre-installed programs, and then to fire the veneering ceramic Celtra Ceram.

With their minimalistic design, both of the new models are real eye-catchers when seen in the lab. Both the Multimat Cube furnace and the Multimat Cube press pressing and firing unit are recommended as reliable options, which are robust in day-to-day operation and offer a high level of user comfort.