The Reasonable Alternative For Christmas Gifts


At the end of the year, it is a nice tradition to say 'thank you' to customers and business partners. A reasonable and sustainable alternative to such Christmas gifts is a donation, which offers children the chance for a better future. VOCO, the manufacturer of dental materials, also would like to make the world for children a bit better. Like in the previous year, the company supports UNICEF’s campaign ‘Donations instead of Christmas gifts’ with 20,000 euros.

‘Donations instead of Christmas gifts’ has existed for more than 15 years. The money collected is transferred to the UNICEF programme ‘Children in crisis regions’. The donations allow for school attendance or the organisation of blankets and tents, which should provide comfort and warmth for the children. Because, there still are millions of children, who would hardly have the chance to access clean water, regular meals, necessary health measures or school attendance without the support of aid organisations.    

Against this backdrop, the management of VOCO GmbH has decided to donate in this year, too, the budget planned for Christmas gifts to customers and business partners. “When you see the terrible pictures from conflict areas, one realises how urgent people there need help. With our donation, we are glad to contribute to the improvement of these children’s lives,” explains Mr. Olaf Sauerbier, member of VOCO’s management, while handing over the cheque to UNICEF volunteer Ms. Elke Schmidt from Stade. In the name of the aid organisation she thanked for the generous donation.  

VOCO supports UNICEF’s campaign ‘Donations instead of Christmas gifts’ also in 2018. UNICEF volunteer  Ms. Elke Schmidt, here together with Managing Director Mr. Olaf Sauerbier, highly appreciates VOCO’s commitment.