The successful launch of the second Silk Road micro root canal therapy training camp


The 5th International Forum on Stomatology and Silk Road Dental Show, jointly initiated by nine associations of stomatology in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Henan and Mongolia, were held in Xi'an Qujiang International Conference Centre, China, from 6-8 November 2020.

The Silk Road micro root canal therapy training camp, held during International Forum on Stomatology and Silk Road Dental Show at the same time, was designed by Professor Yu Qing, School of Stomatology, Air Force Medical University of PLA. It aimed to explore innovative training mode on micro root canal therapy with new technology, equipment, and experience, as wells as promote standardised micro root canal therapy technique. The training camp adopted teaching methods such as theoretical lectures on micro root canal treatment, clinical operation demonstration of root canal preparation and filling under microscope, and practical operation under the guidance of instructor team with the sponsorship by various endodontic device brands.

The goal of the training camp was to enable students to initially master the operation technology of microscope in a short period of time; as well as be able to select the appropriate nickel titanium system according to the actual clinical needs – improving the quality of micro root canal therapy.

The training camp was held in Qujiang International Conference Centre for the first time in 2019. It gathered 80 dental teaching microscopes and eight kinds of nickel titanium root canal treatment systems. It attracted 320 clinicians to compete in the same field, breaking the record of similar training courses in the industry at that time in terms of field scale and participants.

This year, the highly anticipated training camp reached new heights in terms of instructor team and supporting equipment. Professor Yu Qing led a team of 12 instructors, provided 90 teaching microscopes, root canal motors and warm obturation systems, as well as nine kinds of domestically and internationally mainstream nickel titanium systems and other relevant consumables.

A total of 360 dentists were trained on the standardised micro root canal treatment under the instructor's hand-in-hand teaching. There are 36 dentists who finished "Masters in micro root canal therapy" and other four who bagged “The most recognised final winners" selected by contest and voting. There were also photo broadcast, photo printing, interactive lucky draw and other activities on the spot, which attracted more attention and participation.

The event has been a great success with the hard work of the instructor team of the School of Stomatology, the Air Force Military Medical University, and the cooperation of domestic and international brands. It is believed that such innovative training activities can effectively improve the clinical skills of doctors in Endodontics in west China, and make contributions to the wider acceptance and practice of micro root canal treatment.